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Horseshoe Pete and his "CAL-FLIP"

Horseshoe Pete, as he was called by most everyone who knew him, was a colorful and spirited man most of his life. He worked as a Teamster operating heavy equipment for many years and retired at the age of 65. Finding himself a little bored he took up the hobby of pitching horseshoes. After a short time his interest grew beyond just his front yard where he had built himself a regulation pitching pit, to joining the NHPA (National Horseshoe Pitchers Association), and becoming very involved with the local club's in Redding, California. Pete started competing in tournaments throughout the State, and eventually was holding events in his own front yard where he now had put in one of the best professional pitching pits in the State of California. He became very accurate and was pitching 80%+ ringers consistently. As a joke one afternoon he redesigned the pitching shoe most everyone used. By designing cleats on both sides of the shoe he created a 'BRAKE' (if you will) on both sides, so when you threw the flip style it could land on either side and have the ability to stay stuck in the clay rather than keep sliding, possibly beyond a counting point. Horseshoe Pete fired up his now famous smoker, put a turkey inside to smoke to perfection, invited some friends over to pitch with him for fun rather than competition, and settled in to enjoy his carefully planned prank. When one of the guests realized, Horseshoe Petes shoes stayed put all the time, Pete burst into laughter at the success of the prank he had just executed. While cleaning the clay off the shoes, he showed them what he had done. All the friends agreed, Pete should patent and market this shoe. It took a lot of convincing, but eventually Horseshoe Pete applied for sanctioning from the NHPA. Sanctioning was granted around 1983; Pete then started the difficult task of obtaining a patent. Horseshoe Pete was awarded a full patent for the 'CAL-FLIP Pitching Horseshoe' in 1987. By this time he had shown the CAL-FLIP to many pitchers, and had several wanting to purchase a pair. Which is what started a business in his retired years shipping the CAL-FLIP worldwide. Horseshoe Pete lived to see his creation become the choice of the champions.
The rest friends as they say:                                                 
After Horseshoe Petes passing in 1995, his family has continued to share the unique and wonderful expierience of 'CAL-FLIP'.
We hope you too will try a pair.
                                                      Remember our motto:
                                     CAL-FLIP "An Adventure in every Pitch"

"The 'CHOICE' of the Professional flip style pitcher"

We manufacture the CAL-FLIP pitching horseshoe. Used by world champions for over 20 years.  'CAL-FLIP' is the original Flip Style Shoe featuring CLEATS on both sides. CAL-FLIP is the choice of the 'FLIP' style pitcher. "SANCTIONED by the NHPA" AND FULLY WARRANTED.

                                         Improve 'YOUR' game, use CAL-FLIP.     

                    "An Adventure in EVERY Pitch!"

                                            'Alloyed Ductile Iron'                
A uniquely alloyed Iron designed for the most discriminating horseshoe pitcher. Tempered for strength providing hours of pitching fun, and "WINNING" tournaments! For both the professional, and the weekend pitching enthusiast. Balanced and meticulously weighed in "YOUR" choice of 3 weights. 'CAL-FLIP is fully warranted for one full year against breakage.

Treat yourself to the feel of pure ‘ENJOYMENT’!!

                                           'Horseshoe Pete' would tell you:
                    "Try our CAL-FLIP; you'll enjoy your game more then ever". 
                                          "Oh! And Keep Yer Powder Dry".............

                 CAL-FLIP is available to you in your choice of three weights:
                         2 Pound 6 Oz., 2 Pound 9 Oz., and 2 Pound 10 Oz. 
                                        These weights are available in;                                   

                        We use 'DUCTILE IRON' ... Because; Our History has had:
                                             "LESS THAN 1% BREAKAGE!
For the pitcher that wants the best of both worlds; PERFECTION, and PRICE. 
You have: Championship in your hands, and the knowledge of a bargain in your pocket book!


Horseshoe Pete sent a pair of CAL-FLIP Shoes to President George H.W. Bush. As you remember, the President wanted a Horseshoe Pitching area installed on the White House Grounds. There was a tournament underway to christen the 40 foot pitching area and CNN was there filming. There was a hush over the crowd as Mr. President prepared to take his turn breaking in the new course. President Bush took his stance, and as his arm moved deliberately toward the target; his shoe suddenly was in the air flipping over and over as it started its decent toward the steel stake 40 feet away. The camera zoomed in as the shoe came to rest on the clay and lay there as a perfect RINGER! And there it was surrounding that steel stake in all its glory; ‘CAL-FLIP’ with green tips and the name George painted on it exactly as Hoseshoe Pete (Dad) decorated them before sending them to Washington DC. 
And now   
“An Adventure In Every Pitch”!

For a 2 Minute Expierience of this
Historic Horseshoe Tournament;
 Click On Video Below..

To See And Hear 'Horseshoe Pete'
Pitching The CAL-FLIP, and
Stacking '4' Ringers!!
Click On This Next Video

We accept the following methods of payment: VISA, MASTER CARD, DISCOVER, AMERICAN EXPRESS, CASHIERS CHECK, and MONEY ORDERS.

To Place Your Order..... Call us at: 1-(800) 841-4685, Write to us at: CAL-FLIP, INC. C/O WHITE DISTRIBUTORS 2944 LAIRD AVE. ERIE, PA 16505 , or e-mail us at: [email protected] , or simply click on this link to order on line.. www.horseshoesonline.com/Horseshoes/Thoroughbred/Pro_Flip/Cal-Flip.htm

                                    Please allow one to 3 weeks for delivery.
                    Thank You for helping us continue to prove; CAL-FLIP truly is 
                  'The Champions Choice'
Sincerely Yours
Horseshoe Pete Donoho's Kids
Maggie, Colleen, Tad, Tod and W. Ray...........

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